Deut.6:5, Mk.12:30-31; Mat.22:37; and Lk.10:27; talk about love in its triangular way of expression, such as, with whole heart and soul, with whole mind, and with whole strength. The wholeness of human being is spirit, mind and body.  These can be also said spiritual, intellectual and social aspects of life.

These are based on attitudes, approaches and activities. The fruits of them are salvation, wisdom and relationship. When we look at the relationship it involves God, fellow creatures and the living environment. So knowingly or unknowingly we relate to these three realities every day. If these entire three elements are alive in oneself he/she is the person of full being and fully alive. If not he/she is called deficient being.

If a person has sound mind and healthy body not having good spirit he/she may do things well but outcome of it may not have meaningfulness. Thus this particular person is known as rascal or rogue. It will lead to harmfulness and destruction.

Secondly, if a person has good spirit and sound mind not having healthy body he/she will find hard to reach out to others or difficult to put her/his excellent value into practice. So he/she will be called sick person.  Every things will stay stagnated and spoil everything within and surroundings too.

Thirdly, if a person has healthy body and good spirit not having sound mind his/her action brings forth funny comics only and not be taken into seriousness. This type of person will be labeled mad. We cannot find the effectiveness and usefulness.

Therefore love entitles the triangular aspects of a person.  God wants us to understand the fullness of His creation within us and with our surroundings.

In addition, He asks us to contribute to His creative works and be stewards of them respectively. Stewards means to be person of abiding, serving and protecting.

…to till… keep……(Gen 2:15)
for Thy Kingdom Come (HGN)
Fr Zevier Hirudayaraj Arockiam, HGN