Phase Two (2)  Relate to God’s Will (Recognize First Thy Kingdom)

Our first priority in life must always be to develop an increasingly intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  God has created you with the aptitude for particular skills and abilities, and with the inclination toward particular interests. Your design is the most important factor to consider in making any decisions. Living out God’s will for your life will require that you take risks.

Week one (1) Revealed glory of God

God’s covenant with the people is sometimes compared to a marriage covenant between a husband and wife. At the wedding celebration in Cana, Mary requests to Jesus and saying “do whatever he ask of you to do” and Jesus, in what is described as the first of his signs (miracles), turns six jars of water into choice wine! Jesus gave the wedding couple and guests the gift of choice wine! He also gave them, and us, the gift of a deeper and fuller knowledge of himself, who he really was. “He revealed his glory, and his disciples believed in him.”

  • How will you celebrate God’s faithfulness—and your own—today?
  • What gifts of the Spirit do you recognize in yourself?
  • How will you try to use these gifts for the good of all?
  • Do you recognize the glory and presence of the Lord Jesus in your life?
  • What does this say about the importance of celebrations in our lives?
  • What is our attitude toward family celebrations—birthdays, weddings, baptisms, etc?
  • How can we use them as occasions to know one another better and to encourage one another?

If we constantly strive to grow in loving Union with God, as a bride does with her husband, we can achieve unity not only within our own Church, but also the visible union of all believers in Christ.


The Lord Jesus comes to bring us healing and restoration, pardon and freedom from the oppression of sin, despair, hopelessness, and destruction. Jesus challenged EVERYONE to believe the word God had spoken through the prophets and the word he now speaks in God’s name through the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus renews and strengthens us in faith, hope, and love

  • What did Jesus mean by the words that the year of the Lord’s favour had been fulfilled?
  • What does the Gospel of Luke tell us about Jesus and his mission and what he came to do for us?
  • Are you hungry for God’s word of truth and mercy, love and forgiveness?
  • Do you want to grow in the knowledge of God and what he has accomplished for us through his Son, Jesus Christ?
  • Do you believe his word with expectant faith and trust, or with doubt and indifference?
  • Am I making an effort to draw to my Parish those that I know who have shipwrecked in their faith?
  • Why can’t we make His vision all come true?

Week one (3)  The Quality of Christian Life

The quality of Christian life is measured according to the measure of his love. The essential condition to be Christian is to love. Only love enables us to become truly human beings. What is lacking most in families, societies, even in the small communities is love. Love imparts to virtues their price and perfection. God has dedicated us Christians to receive the Good news and share it with others in brotherly love, unafraid of the opposition it may arouse, since the love of God that has been poured into our hearts is there to sustain us in our mission.

  • How do you hear the word of God today? Is it with your ear or your mind or your hearts?
  • Do you believe that God wants to act with power in your life today?
  • What is the significance of Naaman’s healing for us?
  • Do you want the Lord Jesus to set you free and make you whole again?
  • How often do you get along with people?
  • What use is it if one has everything but not love?
  • What use are the discoveries of science and sophisticated technology if man does not live others in love?

Week one (4)  A (surprise) CORRECTIVE TO OUR APPROACH

We all like to put thinks in order, but in reality we talk too much and do too little. Sometimes we have no faith in God or in others. Furthermore our discussions and meetings become mere substitutes for concrete actions.  Although Simon was wearied from a night of fruitless toil, he nonetheless did what the Lord Jesus told him to do: At your word I will let down the nets. We understand from this that in order to follow Jesus one need not be an intellectual. But one must be open to the promptings of the spirit.  God works many wonders in our day to day life. Jesus invites us all to enter into a new experience of God, to a ‘surprise’ which only god can work out.  God wants to use each one of us to do His works. He does not look at our sinfulness.

  • Are we ready to be the messengers of Christ. The Heralds of Good News?
  • Do we rely more on god or on our own potentials?
  • Does our community or family reflect openness to God and concern for others?
  • Do we open our eyes, to recognize in the wonders God’s designs?
  • Why did Jesus perform the miracle of the great catch of fish?
  • When you meet disappointment and failure, do you press upon the Lord, like Simon, to hear his word and to receive his command?
  • Do you witness to those around you the joy of the Gospel and do you pray for your neighbors, co-workers, and relatives that they may come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in the knowledge of his love and truth?


…to till… keep……(Gen 2:15)
for Thy Kingdom Come (HGN)
Fr Zevier Hirudayaraj Arockiam, HGN