In short, God of Trinity created three realities out of love such as heaven and earth and all living and non-living beings.  He made the human being as higher than all these on this earth and instills in them the same love. When it was not realized He tried His best to help them with compassion and mercy.  He made covenant with them. He did miracles and great works for them. He fulfilled all His promises in and through Jesus Christ.

With the power of the Holy Spirit He continues to inspire the Holy, One, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. This Church feels its pilgrim nature and continues its journey with intercessions and protections of Blessed Virgin Mother and all saints. Though the Church suffers due to the sinfulness through worldly temptations and it strives to become perfect with the merciful actions. We await blessed hope and the second coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Church has beautifully set the liturgical cycle and readings in order to live with the revelation of God and the life of Christ. Let us read them, reflect them and relate them in our daily life.

…to till… keep……(Gen 2:15)
for Thy Kingdom Come (HGN)
Fr Zevier Hirudayaraj Arockiam, HGN