PHASE ONE (1) (Advent and Christmas) 

Finding Jesus (Ask, seek, Knock)

Lord Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit and inflame my heart with the joy of the Gospel. May I find joy in seeking to please you just as you found joy in seeking to please your Father.


We have a powerful and merciful God. He knows we have all fallen short of His glory, but His mercy is incredible. That is why we, Catholic Christian, wish always to be aware of His love and His mercy. However we may be hardly able to grasp His mercy, but we know that it is there. So we shall ask, seek and knock earnestly here to find God’s Mercy.  A day shouldn’t go by without us praising God for His mercy

Let us begin this FIRST PHASE of the Year of Mercy:

FINDING JESUS as instructed below:


In the Morning:

Read the Word of God,

Ponder on it along with our daily readings of the Holy Mass and saint of the day. We also

Plead to the Lord for His Mercy and acquire the knowledge about the seven (7) lively Virtues against Seven (7) deadly sins as Catechisms.

Catechism: Grow in Virtue: By practicing Virtue over sin you grow stronger in being able to avoid future temptation scenarios. Learn about the Challenges to practice Virtue in everyday situations with others and grow in grace.

SAINT OF THE DAY: Catholic saints are holy people and human people who lived extraordinary lives. Each saint the Church honors responded to God’s invitation to use his or her unique gifts. God calls each one of us to be a saint.

Act of Mercy: How Can We Practice the Corporal Works of Mercy Today? Let’s take a walk through the corporal works of mercy and try to discern whether they are still possible to practice today.

In the evening or night before bed,

Make the Examination of the Conscience and write a comment.

The Theme and Brief Message on the Seven (7) Weeks of First Phase as follows

Week One (1): THE TIME IS NOW – WATCH & PRAY: Hope

Advent is the time to start living a purposeful life, to organize our lives with right priorities, to love and share, in a true Christian way and to wait on the Lord and hope

The time is NOW to watch and pray, so that prayer opens our eyes to the presence of God, helping us to see everything in proper perspective, and implants in our hearts peace, even in the midst of problems and pains.


If we right in our lives what needs to be set right, the Joy of Salvation will flood our hearts so much that we will be taking it to others.

The Joy of Salvation has its springs deep down inside oneself, and spring is Christ. Anyone who comes in touch with Christ experiences this joy. We are waiting during Advent for the coming of this Christ.


Week Three (3): WHAT MUST WE DO?: Cheer up with Love

The Lord is coming to cheer us up and to renew us in this love, provided we are prepared to surrender our lives to him.

The wonderful thing is, of course, about the “Joy in the Lord”: a joy that comes not from any particular position in life but from the disposition of our hearts: a joy of the chainless mind and blameless heart: a joy born of conviction of faith and consciousness of God’s love.



Led by the Holy Spirit, if we live a life of loving union with God and neighbor, the peace of Christ will flow like a river into our hearts, turning us into channels of peace for the world.

Peace demands a mentality and a spirit which, before turning to others, must first permeate him who wishes to bring peace. Peace is first and foremost personal, before it is social. And it is precisely this spirit of peace which it is the duly of every true follower of Christ to cultivate.

Peace and joy are touches of sweet harmony within a person, harmony between body, mind and heart. It is in order to reunite all of us with God and set us at peace that Jesus came. The Prince of Peace (Jesus) is sure to enter into such a space made sacred during Advent.


Week Five(5): THE CENTRE OF FOCUS (Holy Family)

The family is the cradle of civil society, for it is within the circle of family life. The destiny of status is formed. The family serves as the vital cells of the Church and Society.

Jesus was born into a human family to stress what a precious gift it is from God and to call the members of all Christian’s families to play their respective roles in promoting Christian family virtues, especially love that shares joys and sorrows.


The feast of Epiphany, when the light of Christ offered itself to all people, welcomes us who have already seen it to continue to search for its fullness and also challenges us to continue the manifestation of that light to all people.

Every child brings down something of heaven into the midst of our rough earthliness: but the child Jesus brought down heaven itself and that heaven is for all. That is why the Church of Christ is neither Latin nor Greek but Catholic. Our mission as Catholics would not be effective if we ourselves have not really found Christ for ourselves – though we may call ourselves Christians.


God has accepted each one of us to be His beloved son.  We are in reality. God’s adopted sons and daughters.  In baptism God said the same thing to us: “This is my beloved son.” In our life as Christians this must be the starting point to fulfill our Christian Mission.

Jesus uttered his ‘yes’ to the Father and so was anointed by the Spirit.  Hence we also have to say ‘yes’ to God’s will and to be at the service of mankind to be truly God’s children.

Do you want to be on fire for God?

Do you want the Lord’s power, grace, and love to burn brightly in your life?

Do you know the joy of trust and submission to God?

How can we enter into the mystery of Jesus’ humble self-abasement and baptism?

Do you want to see your life transformed?

Do you want to become a more effective instrument of the Gospel?

Do you see, beloved, how many and how great blessings we would have lost if the Lord had yielded to the exhortation of John and declined baptism?

Ask the Lord Jesus to fill you with his Holy Spirit that you may radiate the joy of the Gospel to those around you. Then you can see the reality of your life situation. It will be wonderful, loving and progressive.

…to till… keep……(Gen 2:15)
for Thy Kingdom Come (HGN)
Fr Zevier Hirudayaraj Arockiam, HGN