Life is something complicated for those who are looking at it in a pessimistic way. For those who are optimistic, they enjoy it. However life is the gift of God for all of us.  Especially, the life of every human is a great gift of God. For, he made them in His likeness and image. (Genesis 1:26) He also created them male and female for the specific purpose. “He created human beings and let them develop according to the internal laws that he gave to each one so they would reach their fulfillment.” (Pope Francis)

God blessed them to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over all animals. (see Genesis 1:28). God was more concerned over His creation and provided for their needs: food, cheerfulness and freedom with the responsibility. It is the responsibility of being in God’s creativity with obedience.

In order to ensure the responsibility, God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to till it and keep it and commanded not to eat of the tree of Knowledge of good and evil. (see Genesis 2:15-17).  On these circumstances, they were tempted by the fallen angels and they disobeyed.  As an outcome of this disobedience, humanity lost the direct care and concern of the Creator.

However God did not forsake them or abandon them.  Instead He took care them through His merciful and compassionate support.  In the time of Noah He destroyed the earth with the flood but not completely. He made a covenant with Noah and his people. He promised his blessings upon Abraham and his generations. At the time of famine, He saved the descendants through Joseph.

He brought them back to the Promised Land under the Leadership of Moses.  He too anointed Kings and took care of them and reminded His people through prophets out of His faithfulness on His covenant. At last of all He fulfilled all His promises by sending down his Only Son born of a Virgin, Our Beloved Mother Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We could also see the great works of the Lord in different phases of the life of Israelite community.  First He was at works on creation. Secondly God worked through making covenant with Noah and his family. Our God’s works was presented as blessings in the life of Abraham based on his Faith. God led his descendants through Red sea, dessert and battles to inherit the Promised Land.  He gave Laws or commandments, decrees, and ordinances.

With all these God emphasized the human freedom.  God had set before Humanity “life and prosperity, death and adversity”.  Moreover He asked choose with the Human freedom and reminded to observe the commandments with obedience. Strongly He suggested to choose the blessings, life and prosperity for long living.  (Duet. 30:15-20)

How can it be true to our life? It is only through observing the commandments, commandments of love.  Pope Francis said the beginning of the world was not “a work of chaos” but created from a principle of love.

…to till… keep……(Gen 2:15)
for Thy Kingdom Come (HGN)
Fr Zevier Hirudayaraj Arockiam, HGN