WWW.ACT-UPON.ORG is my simple effort of entering into the hyper-digitalized world of Internet. Here I try to present my understandings, good collections of web materials and loved views of others. Through these, I would like to see the goodness of the world as such created for us all … to till ……. to keep ……. especially for Thy Kingdom Come.

ACT-UPON seeks to spread POSITIVE THOUGHTS to help everyone grow in fullness of one’s true self, face the challenges in this hyper-digitalized world and become a person fully alive.

It also encourages people to build effective relationships with the Creator, Creation and oneself.

Please be connected, keep sharing, and get involved for the betterment, encouragement and enthusiasm of human living.

Let us ACT-UPON our life in available circumstances, with fortunate talents and through loving responsibilities to create a truthful visionaries. It would find unique possibilities, optimistic novelties and enthusiastic environments through developing communities with rich values, right attitudes, applicable activities, personal memories, good habits, great skills and social relationships.

Let every individual try one’s own best to ACT-UPON to impact or to have an effect on communities in this hyper-digitalized world for the unforeseen circumstances.

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